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Ozone Generator, Portable Wall Mountable Water Purifier, Ozone Deodorizer, Ozone Machine for Air, Water, Food and Vegetable or Fruits Disinfect and Sterilization (Silver)

Price: $56.89
(as of Aug 01,2020 16:45:46 UTC – Details)

If you have an ozone generator, you can do these things:
Use ozone generator to make ozone water and ozone oil;
Remove Agricultural residues on food and keep food fresh;
Use ozone to break down the odor in the air and clean air, keep the air fresh;
Make ozone water to disinfect baby products, cutlery or clothes or wash your face with ozone water.

Functional Timer:
The ozone generator has five timer settings that you can be selected for different scenarios.

More Uses:
This ozone machine is also suitable for hunting. Such as using it to disinfect for hunting clothes and eliminator hunting odor.

No need to worry about polluting the environment:
The ozone generator uses natural air as a raw material, and the time it takes for ozone restore to oxygen is 30 to 60 minutes without secondary pollution.

This ozone generator is an environmentally friendly high-tech product with stable quality. It is prefect for personal or household use.
It can give yourself a healthier lifestyle and feel the cleanliness of ozone.

When you use the ozone generator purifier air, you do not need an external air duct and aerated stone.
Remember to rinse the food treated with ozone water with water.

When using this unit to purify the air, people and pets should leave the confined environment to avoid minor discomfort.
But a small amount of ozone will not cause harm to the human body.

Product Information:
Model: EV500
Color: Silver
Rated Power: 18W
Ozone Output: 500mg / h
Working Time: 1 – 60 minutes
Voltage: AC110V 60Hz for US plug
Item Weight: 1.98 ib(0.9 kg)
Shipping Weight: 2.73 lb(1.24 kg
)Item Dimension(L*W*H): 6.69*2.75*9.44 In(170*70*240 mm)
Package Dimension(L*W*H): 8.66*5.11*11.6 In(220*130*295 mm)

[POWERFUL OZONE GENERATOR:] Compact and portable design for all occasions, can be used to disinfect agricultural residue vegetables, fruits, seafood or meat, keep food fresh and clean air.
[ELIMINATES ODOR:] Ozone’s strong oxidizing properties can decompose odors in the air. Especially suitable for home use, such as the kitchen or bathroom. It can also be used in cabinets such as wardrobes and shoe cabinets.
[SILICONE TUBES AND DIFFUSE STONES:] The ozone machine is equipped with one silicone tubes and two diffuse stones. The diffuse stones can generate a lot of bubbles and increase the water solubility of ozone.
[ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY:] The ozone generator uses natural air as a raw material, and the time it takes for ozone restore to oxygen is 30 to 60 minutes without secondary pollution.
[TIMEING FUNCTION:] According to different usage scenarios, the time can be preset to 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 minutes. The large screen display makes it easy to see the working status of the ozone generator.

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